Donald Trump wants to visit a protest stronghold – and is criticized

A week ago, a black man was shot in the back in Wisconsin, USA. Since then, the city of Kenosha has been in turmoil – Trump has announced a site visit.

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US President Donald Trump will travel to the city of Kenosha, rocked by protests after a black man was shot in the back during a police operation. Trump will meet with security authorities there on Tuesday and look at the damage after the riots in recent days, a White House spokesman said. A key message from Trump in the current presidential election campaign is the promise of “law and order.” That was also the common thread in his earlier statements about the events in Kenosha.

In a city in Wisconsin, USA, a police officer shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake seven times in the back a week ago. A video of the incident shows Blake approaching a car in front of it, while two police officers follow him with weapons drawn. One of them is aimed at his back. When Blake opens the driver’s door and leans forward, one of the officers grabs his shirt and shoots. The video sparked outrage and protests in the United States. In the car were Blake’s three, five, and eight-year-old children. Saturday there was a protest march in Kenosha with hundreds of participants.

Biden was already on the phone with Blake’s family

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had spoken to the Blakes family on the phone for the first days after the police operation. He had never heard of Trump, father Jacob Blake Sr. told CNN Friday. And he doesn’t care anymore: ‘It’s too late. He should have called four days ago. ” Trump had responded for the first time on Friday night not only to the riots, but also to the shooting of Blake: “We are investigating this very carefully. It was not a good view.” Kenosha’s Mayor John Antaramian said, “I think the president should stay out of it.”

Biden, who was Vice President Barack Obama for eight years, is popular with black Americans. Trump stated in his nomination speech to the Republican Congress on Thursday: “I say with great humility that I have done more for the African American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Trump with a false claim

However, historians largely agree that President Lyndon B. Johnson has done the most for blacks in recent history: a major anti-discrimination law was passed in his tenure in 1964, and a highly competitive electoral reform a year later that eliminated the right to vote for blacks and Members of other minorities insured.

At the same time, Trump is trying to associate Democrats with violence during protests and stir fears in potential voters. The riots are a foretaste of the fact that no one will be safe in “Biden’s America,” Trump said.

Blake was now paralyzed from the waist down

In the meantime, only small bits and pieces of details are known about the course of the police operation against Blake. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, who is investigating the case, said a knife had been found in the vehicle on the driver’s side floor. However, when asked by reporters, he gave no information as to whether Blake had a knife in his hand. It was also said that the police twice tried to sedate Blake with a tranquilizer gun, but it didn’t work.

The Kenosha Police Union, which is not involved in the investigation, said over the weekend that at the time of the police operation, Blake had an arrest warrant on charges of sexual assault, of which police were aware. They also saw a knife in his hand and there was a physical disagreement between Blake and the police officers. Blake’s lawyers told CNN that these allegations were “exaggerated” and were intended to justify the use of excessive force against Blake.

The complaint was the reason that Blake, paralyzed from the waist down after the shooting, was tied to the hospital bed with an ankle cuff. This was canceled after criticism from the family.

People killed in protests

Trump had tightened demands to bring it into town soon after Third Order Night of protests two people died and one was injured. A 17-year-old was arrested as a gunman in the neighboring state of Illinois. He traveled with other armed civilians who claimed to protect property from looting. His shots of two people were captured on video by eyewitnesses. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder, among other things. His lawyer said this weekend it was self-defense. On his social media profiles found by US media, the 17-year-old appeared as a police fan and Trump supporter.

Video footage from the night also shows the 17-year-old walking his hands up and his rifle on the approaching police vehicles after the fatal shots. Everywhere people are shouting that he is the shooter, but the cars keep moving. He was arrested the next day. Blake’s father emphasized this as an example of “two legal systems in America”.

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