Donald Trump marks the strong man on his return to the White House. But his Corona show comes at a high price – fear is rampant in government headquarters.

It was all about the pictures. Donald Trump waited for the sunset over Washington to begin and the television stations to start their evening news.

Then he came out of Walter Reed Hospital for a walk, drove the armored limousine to the helicopter for two minutes, then flew into the White House for more than ten minutes: live to the rush hour, on all channels.

When he arrived at government headquarters, he took one of the stairs he rarely used to the Truman balcony and took off his protective mask at the top. For a long time, the president stood for photo and video recordings, thumbs up, a salute and then entered without a mask. He, the corona-infected, probably still contagious Covid patient.

Monday night in Washington was the climax of the productions that accompanied the president’s four-day hospital stay. Trump as a tough dog, as a strong guy who is also immune to the new corona virus: this is the story the photos should tell. Less than an hour after arrival, the first bombastically staged video was produced and published.

But the reality is very different, both for Trump personally and for the White House. Whether he does it as well as he has it staged is a completely open question.

What are the lungs doing?

The fact is, Trump has been on medication usually used to treat severe cures of Covid. And it is also known, despite all efforts to cover up, that the president had a fever and a lack of oxygen in his blood. His GP is absolutely silent about the question whether the 74-year-old at-risk patient has also contracted pneumonia.

At the scene on the Truman balcony, many critical minds saw him breathing heavily.

The official statements about Trump’s condition are so contradictory that many Americans consider them unreliable. In a CNN poll, more than two-thirds of respondents said they didn’t believe much in the White House’s announcements about Trump’s coronavirus.

Not a dismissal, but a transfer

Even if the bombastic staging suggested otherwise, Trump is by no means released from healthcare. He is now being cared for in the 24/7 medical ward at the White House and receiving new doses of his medication.

And even if Trump is currently doing as well as he claims, he is still a long way from the worst. It is still unknown when Trump became infected and when exactly the symptoms broke out, but by no means did he survive the particularly critical seven to 10 day period of the disease.

When Trump can actively campaign again, four weeks before the presidential election will be in the stars.

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On the other hand, not only Trump himself is affected. The White House is suffering from a virus outbreak that has a lot to do with presidential recklessness and recklessness. Three new infections were reported on Monday alone: ‚Äč‚ÄčTrump’s press spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and two of her employees now also have the corona virus.

Ruthlessness makes circles

The fact that Trump, who is still highly contagious, was not wearing his mask when entering the building immediately caused public disbelief. After all, Trump is putting his employees at risk again. Just like the day before during the drive to the hospital, but also in general by consistently refusing to wear protective masks.

The reckless attitude and aversion to wearing masks has long been rubbed on the environment. The latest example of this: the infected press officer McEnany addressed the reporters for the West Wing without a mask when close colleagues had already tested positive – this also posed a threat to the health of others.

In addition to the political staff, the White House also has around 90 employees who provide the offices, private rooms and the first family. The employees have received almost no information about the Covid cases at their workplace in recent days. A contact follow-up after the infamous appointment in the rose garden a week and a half ago does not take place.

Clearly, the White House has evolved into a virus hotspot. Returned corona patient Donald Trump could make matters worse if he continues to act inconsiderately.

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