Donald Trump just isn’t giving up. Although he has already lost nearly 60 lawsuits against the US election results, he does not want to admit defeat. Voting machines are now said to be responsible for his defeat.

Now voting machines should be to blame for Joe Biden getting more votes than Donald Trump. Trump writes on Twitter that according to an investigation – which is still open – the voting machines of the manufacturer “Dominion” pushed two to three percent of the votes cast for him, Biden.

That’s more than enough to influence the election – to Trump’s detriment. He also won the states of Florida, Texas and Ohio by a larger margin than previously announced.

Trump’s completely unproven allegations are not entirely new. As early as mid-November, Trump and his team were spreading the conspiracy theory that voting machines had removed millions of Trump votes. There was no evidence for this claim either.

Dominion and the US election authorities have categorically denied the allegations. In an unprecedented statement, government officials said in November, “There is no evidence that a voting system has removed or lost votes, changed votes or been compromised in any way.” The November 3 elections were “the safest in US history.”

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