Don’t underestimate Corona: Trump

US President Donald Trump has denied allegations of shortening the Kovid-19 epidemic. At a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday (September 15), the Republican leader, taking the epidemic seriously, claimed the opposite. According to the BBC report, in an interview earlier this year, Trump admitted that he had downplayed Corona’s position.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 195,000 people in the United States have died of coronovirus infection. Despite having topped the list of countries with the most coroners, Trump has been ignoring it since the beginning. He is also seen in conflict with the World Health Organization. In an interview with journalist Bob Woodward in February, Trump admitted that he had reduced the severity of the Corona situation to reduce public panic. Trump has also been seen violating Corona’s health rules at various rallies before the November 3 presidential election. Not only that, he was also seen mocking rival candidate Joe Biden for a rally after the mask.
However, Trump was seen changing tune with Corona at an event hosted by ABC News at Philadelphia Town Hall on Tuesday. On this day, the US President was asked why he is looking forward to the epidemic that is affecting so many low-income families and minority communities. In response, Trump said, “Well, I’m not underestimating it. I consider it a big problem when it comes to taking action.”
Referring to the ban on travel from China and Europe to the United States earlier this year, he said, “I have taken very strict steps. If I had not imposed that ban, many more people would have been killed. We have been successful in saving many lives through the ban. ‘

Source: BBC

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