Dortmund has an excellent roster, but they have to adapt. Favre is not only responsible for the sports crisis.

Does Lucien Favre just not fit with Borussia Dortmund? Was he the wrong coach after all? Too much protagonist instead of motivator?

What nonsense!

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Favre did not fail

Anyone who has averaged 2.01 points and is one of the best coaches in the club’s history, has come second twice and further developed players like Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland or Giovanni Reyna, have not failed.

Favre said after his dismissal on Sunday that he had played a successful season at BVB this time too. I’m sure he really would have.

BVB is dependent on a 20 year old

Ultimately, the expulsion after two and a half years is understandable because the results were off and too many players failed to reach their performance limits. Because Dortmund could be at the top of the table – but unfortunately lost games against Augsburg (0: 2), Cologne (1: 2) and now Stuttgart (1: 5) completely unnecessarily.

Nevertheless: Favre is not only responsible for the sports crisis.

On the one hand there are the players, of whom far too few have entered the season so far. Captain Marco Reus has scored just three goals in 18 competitive games – just as Jadon Sancho has not scored in 15 games. Julian Brandt is currently stagnating in his development again. This subsequently leads to the team being dependent on a 20-year-old: Erling Haaland. The Norwegian missed the last four games due to a muscle injury, and BVB promptly won just one. Not only his target danger is missing, but rather his presence, his ambition and his self-confidence.

Dortmund makes a mistake

BVB sports director Michael Zorc said the club had decided to build 16-year-old striker Youssoufa Moukoko alongside Haaland “for the long haul and not delay them by putting another player in front of him.” A 16-year-old as a backup to a 20-year-old? That is fatal and does not work at all. The bosses make a mistake if they don’t bring in an experienced striker. And they did not take that position last summer.

You can of course say that the philosophy is to build the young Moukoko. But then they also have to live with the results. And apparently not. The demands are still very high.

I wrote months ago that they had to sign a striker like Mario Mandžukić. It would still be available and has been without a club for six months. Even when he wasn’t really fit, he helped for 20 or 30 minutes. Two other candidates for a winter transfer or at least a rental agreement until the end of the season: Divock Origi (25) from Liverpool FC or Mauro Icardi (27) from Paris St. Germain. They haven’t played there this season, just sat in the stands a few times, but have long proven their skills and may be able to help right away. Origi shot Liverpool in the final against Tottenham to win the Champions League in 2019. Icardi was the top scorer in Italy’s Serie A twice.

Zorc has to adapt

I am still convinced that Dortmund has an excellent selection – but: I hope that the games recently opened the eyes of those responsible, that they urgently need to make adjustments. You need two or three positive assholes who will help immediately. Also to put the existing players under pressure.

On the one hand, the stress does not decrease when the phase that is physically and psychologically most difficult comes in February and March. On the other hand, it would be much too early to write off the season. We have only just finished the eleventh Bundesliga game. Dortmund can still become German champions and will also have every chance in the DFB Cup and the Champions League.

Terzić deserves a chance

So BVB has to strike on the transfer market – on the other hand, on the coaching bench, it is perfectly correct to take the time. Of course, as an interim coach, Edin Terzić does not have the status and experience of Hansi Flick, who took over FC Bayern in a similarly difficult situation and then celebrated gigantic successes. But: Terzić is very important to those responsible and to the environment. He identifies a lot with Dortmund and certainly deserves a chance. Today he celebrates his debut in the away match at Werder Bremen (from 8.30 pm in the live ticker on Chillreport).

In the worst case, it will at least give Dortmund time to find a long-term solution. The better it is, the more likely that Haaland or Sancho will stay with BVB instead of moving to an even bigger club.

Rose or nail man? There is no guarantee

It won’t be an easy decision as there is simply no guarantee it will work with a trainer. Even Jupp Heynckes was unsuccessful at Schalke. And they experienced that themselves at Peter Bosz in Dortmund. A great coach who was very successful at Ajax Amsterdam and who is currently also with Bayer Leverkusen. Despite the departure of Kai Havertz, Bosz led the club to the top of the table and confidently into the second round of the Europa League. In Dortmund, however, his engagement ended after just over five months.

BVB can of course search Marco Rose from Borussia Mönchengladbach or Julian Nagelsmann from RB Leipzig. But there is no guarantee for them either. And: Both are already at major Bundesliga clubs and are certainly not finished yet. If I were her I’d think twice about switching clubs.

Regardless, it is important that Dortmund finally break free from the past. All coaches are still compared to Jürgen Klopp. One is not as emotional as Klopp. The other isn’t that charismatic, the next isn’t that funny. You will never get a coach like Klopp again. They have to accept that.

All four clubs can move up

And maybe they can advance in the Champions League with Terzić. Borussia faces FC Sevilla, a tough opponent to beat.

Incidentally, I do not think it is out of the question that all four German clubs will move up.

Bayern is the clear favorite against Lazio Rome, Dortmund against Sevilla perhaps a little favorite. And I don’t think Borussia Mönchengladbach against Manchester City and RB Leipzig against Liverpool FC have no chance at all. Who knows how the clubs deal with the stress and whether the respective top players are healthy and in top shape. In any case, there will be football festivals that we are already looking forward to. Hopefully with two or three new players at BVB.

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