Driver stabbed and seriously injured in Aachen – wanted

A man was attacked with a knife by an attacker in Aachen. According to media reports, an Islamist motif cannot be ruled out. The case raises questions.

In Stolberg near Aachen, a driver was stabbed and seriously injured. The police in Cologne confirmed this on Sunday. At first she declined to comment on possible reasons for the crime.

According to media reports, an Islamist motive is not ruled out. The accidental attacker shouted “Allahu akbar”, the newspaper “Bild” reported. Police spokespersons in Cologne and Aachen did not want to confirm or deny this.

Victim is not in danger of death

“Search and investigation measures are underway,” said a police spokesman in Aachen. The 23-year-old driver was injured by a knife at 0.40 am and not in danger of his life. The knife is fleeting. He ripped open the door of the slow-moving car and injured the driver’s arm.

According to the “Aachener Zeitung” heavily armed police officers stopped a fully occupied car in Aachen a few hours earlier. There is no link between the two incidents, the police spokesman said. The SEK mission in Aachen was about deprivation of liberty.

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