Alcohol a. Tax

Birmingham (AP) – Driving under the influence of alcohol is expensive for English footballer Jack Grealish.

The 25-year-old pro of Premier League club Aston Villa was banned from driving for nine months by a court in Birmingham and has to pay a fine of around 90,000 euros. The British media reported this consistently.

Grealish pleaded guilty to two “reckless driving incidents”. The first incident occurred in late March, when the mansion captain drank two parked cars and rammed his SUV into a wall during a national lockdown in England. The police officers on the scene at the time reported to court that Grealish was unclear and smelled of “intoxicating alcohol”.

Shortly before the accident, the midfielder had called on his followers on Twitter to stay at home. After his faux pas, which had also caused great irritation at his club, the footballer published an apology. The second incident took place in October. Grealish was being watched by police officers driving too close to a highway at high speed.

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