In the relay, the German biathletes provided the last podium. Now the sprint in Hochfilzen was about a good starting position for the chase – but it was not the race of the DSV athletes.

The German biathlon men competed on Thursday in Hochfilzen for a good place in a sprint. But in the race for a good starting position for the chase, the biathletes around Benedikt Doll and Erik Lesser were unable to convince.

The best German was Arnd Peiffer in 22nd place (+1: 31.0). The last time the German biathletes were worse was almost eight years ago, on January 19, 2013, Florian Graf ran in the pursuit of Antholz as the best DSV protégé in 28th place.

Norwegian Sturla Holm Laegreid came in first, his teammates Johannes Dale (+7.9) and Johannes Thingnes Bö (+19.9) came second and third.

“I fought for my life”

Johannes Kühn (+2: 18,6) hit all targets on the first shot. He came out eighth and was eventually passed over, leaving him out of the top 40 athletes. Likewise Erik Lesser (+2: 08.2). He had zero errors on the first shot, but made two errors the second time.

Erik Lesser on “ARD”: “I still had weaknesses in standing shooting. I fought for my life in the round. I was flat from start to finish and lingered from day to day.”

And the sprint was not optimal, not even with Arnd Peiffer returning. As best German he took 22nd place. Teammate Benedikt Doll landed directly behind him (+1: 31.30). Roman Rees (+2: 36.8) and Philipp Horn (+2: 49.5) even had to look for places past the top 60 in the pursuit.

Peiffer was also annoyed about his mistake, saying after the race, “I certainly didn’t have the best day. Something was missing on the shooting range and on the track. As a team, we’re just about over the top today.”

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