Franziska Preuss finished third in the sprint and provided a real surprise. Now it was the turn of the men. But none of the DSV men made the top three.

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With two top ten places in the sprint of Benedikt Doll and Erik Lesser, the German biathlon men have created a promising starting position for the chase race on Saturday at the World Cup in Hochfilzen. When Johannes Dale of Norway won ahead of Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet, ex-world champion Doll was the best German skier in eighth place after a shooting error on Friday. “I am certainly satisfied. It was hard work,” said the 30-year-old Black Forest driver, who was 51.7 seconds behind Dale who had made no mistake.

Horn very satisfied

Lesser, who was just behind Doll ninth, also had to go into the penalty run. “I am not guided by the results, but by my feeling. And my feeling was not so good today,” said Lesser, who has to make up for a minute in the chase race.

Roman Rees was the only German ski rider to make no mistakes in the ten kilometers. The 27-year-old was 17th but behind Doll and Lesser. Philipp Horn finished 23rd on his debut of the season after a penalty kick. “I am very satisfied. Everything worked the way I wanted it to,” said Horn. Also in the chase is Johannes Kühn, who finished 35th after two penalties.

Olympic champion Arnd Peiffer left Hochfilzen shortly before the start for private reasons. Whether the 33-year-old will be back in the relay on Sunday, will be decided on Saturday, according to a spokesman for the German ski association.

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