Berlin (dpa) – Footballer Toni Kroos has been fundamentally critical of new competitions in view of the discussion of a European super league.

“At the end of the day, of all these extra things that have been invented (…) we are somehow just the dolls of FIFA and UEFA,” said Kroos in the podcast “Einfach mal Luppen,” in which he and his brother Felix (29) discussed football. Competitions such as the Nations League or the planned Club World Cup expansion are planned “to suck everything out of every player financially, and of course to suck everything out of every player physically.”

Kroos (30) also rejects a billion dollar European super competition. Such competitions are certainly sportingly exciting. However, if the top clubs competed alone in the super league, smaller clubs would look “down the pipe” and the gap between big and small would widen even further. The Real Madrid midfielder said: “It’s good to leave things like that behind when they’re good.” With the existing competitions and international competitions you have “top products”, said the 2014 world champion.

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