Due to pandemic corona – Bobic warns: “More unemployed professional football players in the future”

Berlin (dpa) – Fredi Bobic has warned of the impact of the Corona crisis on football and fears that the number of unemployed professional footballers will increase.

“The longer the pandemic lasts, the more exciting it gets,” said the sports director of Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt in an interview with the news portal ” Chillreport”. The financial effects are unpredictable. “Clubs with big names can go bankrupt,” said the 48-year-old.

There will always be a million dollar market for players like Leroy Sané, Kai Havertz or Timo Werner. “But these industry stars aside, there will be more unemployed professional footballers in the future.” Many professionals played “a salary class that was too high for their football quality”.

That is why Bobic wants a “professional salary scheme” via a salary ceiling. It would “simplify a lot, because you would know exactly that a 21-year-old can only earn up to a certain amount. I would also enshrine the commission base of the players’ agents in law,” said Bobic. However, he doesn’t believe it will work. “Because only the legislator can do this and an association cannot do it alone.”

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