The Calcutta High Court has upheld the decision to keep the Durga Puja Mandap in West Bengal without an audience. According to the Indian media NDTV, the court has made some changes to the previous order regarding access to the puja pandal, even though the appeal filed by the puja organizers was rejected.

A new order issued on Wednesday (21 October) allowed 45 people to enter the large pavilion simultaneously. Earlier on Monday, the ruling said that no more than 15-20 people could enter the pavilion at one time.

In the Corona situation, the medical community had expressed concern over the violation of hygiene rules in worship. A PIL was then filed in the High Court regarding crowd control in the state. After the hearing, the judgment on October 19 stated that this time the Puja Mandap would be without audience. A no entry buffer zone will be written in front of the pavilion. In the case of small pavilions it will be 5 meters, in case of large pavilions there will be a barricade 10 meters ahead. make a list. Except those whose names will be on the committee, no one will come from outside. Their names must be listed beforehand. This rule will be applicable to all 34 thousand Pujo committees of the state which have received grants.

Pooja committees filed a review petition in the High Court against the verdict. When the hearing began on Wednesday, Kalyan Bandyopadhyay, a lawyer for the Joint Forum of Durgapooja Committees in Kolkata, said they were not seeking any concession. Only in the pavilions should the locals be given the right to enter from the seventh to the ninth. So that they can worship. There will be separate routes for their entry and exit. But the court did not accept that application directly. On Wednesday, the Calcutta High Court also reported that Pooja was without an audience. However, the verdict has been changed by the apex court today. There are some concessions for entry into the pavilion. A Bench of the High Court stated, “A list of 60 people is required to enter the big Pujo. A list of 60 people can seat a maximum of 45 people. For a pavilion of less than 300 square meters, 15 people The list of 15 people can accommodate 10 people, however. ” The list of names of entrepreneurs and local people can be updated daily. “

As per the directions of the bench of Justice Arijit Banerjee and Justice Sanjeev Banerjee, Dholwale can stay outside the pavilion in the No Entry Zone as per Corona rules. The court did not allow the play of sindoor.

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