The American movie star “The Rock” has never sided with a presidential candidate. He is declared independent and does not campaign for Democrats or Republicans. Until now.

Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming US presidential election. “Progress requires courage, humanity, empathy, strength, kindness and respect,” the 48-year-old wrote in the short Twitter messaging service. He had already voted for both sides in the past – but in this “critical election” he supported the two Democratic candidates.

In the post, he published a seven-minute video interviewing the two politicians. He has never spoken out in public for a candidate before, he says there. But Biden and Harris can run the country. Joe Biden has ruled with great compassion – Biden was vice president under Barack Obama. Of Kamala Harris, Johnson says she is “smart and tough.” The video has been viewed millions of times.

The Rock is hugely popular in the US and respected by Republicans and Democrats, in part for its commitment to US military veterans. He claims to be independent and to look at the center from a political perspective. Joe Biden (77) will compete against incumbent President Donald Trump (74) in the November 3 elections. Senator Kamala Harris (55) is in the running for the position of vice president.

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