E-mails get Scheuer in trouble

Has Andreas Scheuer become entangled in lies? A talk for the introduction of the originally planned car toll is apparently a burden for the Transport Minister – it is not the first focus.

In the case of the failed car toll, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is said to have misinformed the public. The “Spiegel” reports that this arose from an email exchange between a manager of the Autoticket operating company and an employee of the Ministry of Transport.

A meeting on November 29, 2018 that Scheuer had with the heads of the operational consortium, Georg Kapsch and Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, will be discussed. The toll contract must be signed one month later. During the meeting, the Minister of Transport allegedly addressed the request to Kapsch and Schulenberg to reconsider the costs of the planned toll system. That would be contrary to procurement law.

“General exchange of ideas”

According to the ministry, the meeting should only have been an appointment to “get to know each other” and a “general exchange of views”, Spiegel reports. The email exchange suggests a different assumption. In it, the manager writes: “After the topics discussed in the top talks, we will reconsider the compensation by Monday and work out a new proposal.” The email is classified as classified and is in the secret security office of the Bundestag. The Department of Transportation official is said to have replied, “We look forward to the new calculations and will get back to you if you have any questions.”

Green politician Stephan Kühn, attending the toll investigation committee, commented: “Not only has Transport Minister Scheuer massively violated the procurement law, the email also clearly shows that the Ministry’s previous information on the talks is simply incorrect . ”According to the Spiegel report, the ministry has not revised its statements.

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