Eleven people drown in boy rescue attempt

Stanley Beach in Alexandria, Egypt, is notorious for its strong currents. They now seem to have become a disaster for a whole group of people.

Eleven people have drowned in Egypt while trying to rescue a bathboy from the Mediterranean, according to media reports. The authorities then ordered the closure of the beach in Alexandria, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reports.

The Alexandria Tourism Authority said the incident happened on Friday. When a child threatened to drown in the sea, several people jumped into the water to help. Some people also drowned, the statement said, without giving an exact number of casualties.

No lifeguards by Corona

The beaches in Alexandria are currently actually closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. According to local media, there are currently no lifeguards on site. However, due to the high temperatures, many residents did not follow the rules and went swimming anyway.

Stanley Beach in the Al-Adjhami neighborhood of Alexandria is notorious for its strong currents. In recent years, the authorities had closed the section for a short time because people had drowned.

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