FDP leader Christian Linder would like to have waived this award: “Emma” magazine has declared the politician a “Sexist Man Alive” – ​​the reason for this are some of his mistakes.

Doubtful Honor: “Emma” magazine has named FDP boss Christian Lindner “Sexist Man Alive 2020”. The reason given Friday: “No one is as suggestive as Christian Lindner.”

The trigger was the replacement of Secretary General Linda Teuteberg, who accompanied Lindner with the words, “I like to think about it, Linda, that we have walked 300 times in the last 15 months, I have started rolling about 300 times a day. together. “

“The Last Drop”

The saying, for which Lindner later apologized, was “the last straw” for the “Emma” editorial team led by Alice Schwarzer: “This has been preceded by numerous mistakes by the passionate Porsche driver in recent years – hobbies: barbecues, sports , cars. The man clearly needs it. “

The negative title for Sexist of the Year is a modification of the “Sexiest Man Alive” award from the US magazine “People”. Last year “Emma” called controversial rapper Kollegah “Sexist Man Alive”. The editorial staff of “Emma” from Cologne offered Linder to personally present the prize to him. The answer is still pending.

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