Employees are leaving the Chengdu Consulate under tight security

As of the deadline set by China, the United States should close the Chengdu Consulate by Monday. And keeping that deadline in mind, the staff there have already started leaving the consulate. Tight security arrangements have been made outside the building. The riot police took out a rally on Friday, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck. This information came from a British news agency Reuters report.


The United States and China, two of the world’s most powerful economies, have been in loggerheads over the past few years on trade issues, control of the South China Sea and enforcing Chinese security laws in Hong Kong. In retaliation for last week’s US order to close the Chinese consulate in Houston, China on Friday ordered the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu, Sichuan. The mutual order to close the consulate is proof that the dispute has increased.

On Saturday (July 25), a coach was spotted at the Chengdu Consulate Complex. He left the area on Sunday morning. However, it was not known what was inside or who was inside. The consulate staff has been seen coming and going since Friday. At least one worker was seen carrying suitcases. Several eviction vans also came and went on Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, news of the closure of the Chengdu Consulate in the United States has attracted a large crowd in the area. Many are standing outside the consulate taking pictures and videos. Police is trying to remove them from there. Traffic in the area is closed Only consular and police vehicles are allowed entry.

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