US President Donald Trump’s senior aide and chief of staff at the White House, Mark Meadows, has acknowledged that the Corona epidemic cannot be brought under control in the United States without vaccines and therapy. In an interview with CNN, Meadow claims that the only way to defeat Corona is through vaccines and therapy. Trump’s aide made the statement just nine days before the US presidential election, when the corona outbreak was on the rise. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

Mark Meadows

Coronaviruses have killed approximately 225,000 people in the United States. The incidence of corona in the country is increasing day by day. On Saturday, a maximum of 74,000 people in the country were infected in a single day. Despite being told by government health experts to follow various health regulations, wear masks, and maintain social distance, Trump administration officials themselves seem to ignore them. He is seen campaigning for the upcoming elections.

Meadows was interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday (October 25). Meadows from conductor Jake Topper wants to know why America is not able to control the epidemic. “Because it is an infectious virus like fever,” he said, the Trump administration was working to bring it under control.

“We can’t control the epidemic,” he said. We have to control the fact that we will get vaccines, therapy or any other antidote. ‘

The Chief of Staff said, toWe need to ensure proper prevention. It can be therapy, vaccine or treatment. We have to ensure that people do not die due to this virus. ‘

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