Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the controversial French satirical weekly Shirley Hebdo a “rogue”. He described the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published in the newspaper as a ‘heinous attack’. According to the French news agency AFP, Erdogan made the remarks during a meeting with party workers on Wednesday.

Erdogan’s caricature appeared on the cover of the latest issue on 21 October (Wednesday). The latest issue of Shirley Hebdo was released online on Tuesday (October 26). Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seen wearing a white T-shirt and underwear as seen on the cover. A woman wearing a hijab is standing near her, semi-naked. The title of the cartoon states, “Erdogan: He is very funny in private.”

Erdogan stated that he had not seen the cartoon printed. But know the point. “I am not angry or sad that he has done such a disgusting cartoon. I am angry that this media has shown arrogance to print cartoons of our beloved Prophet.” he said.

Erdogan said angrily, “I have nothing about the crooks doing this to our beloved prophet.”

Earlier, a spokesman for the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalin, said on Twitter, “The image published in a French magazine includes our president; there is no respect for faith, piety and values, we strongly condemn it. “He said, they are only showing their vulgarity and immorality. Attacking one’s personal rights cannot be freedom of humor or expression.”

The Turkish President’s communications director Fahrenheit Altun said that French President Emmanuel Macron was implementing his anti-Muslim agenda.

The murder of a teacher for showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a class on freedom of expression in France has caused outrage throughout France. “France will not stop showing cartoons,” said President Emmanuel Macron, who spoke in support of the Alliance for Democracy, which seeks to uphold the country’s values. Erdogan called the incident an “act of liberty” and an insult to millions of Muslims in France. Said Macron needs psychiatric treatment. He called on the people to boycott French products because of the controversy.

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