Erdogan to the EU – remain “impartial”

In the dispute over natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean, the Turkish President called on the EU to be “fair, impartial and objective”. Turkey had started new military exercises earlier.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on the EU to behave “impartially” in the gas dispute with Greece. Erdogan called EU Council President Charles Michel on Sunday and called on Brussels and EU member states to be “fair, impartial and objective” and to behave responsibly on “regional issues”, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean. the Turkish presidential office announced.

According to an EU representative, Michel Erdogan called in the phone call to work on de-escalation of the conflict and to refrain from activities that further fuel tensions with Greece.

Turkish army starts military exercise

Since the discovery of rich gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, there has been heated debate about their exploitation. In addition to Greece and Turkey, Cyprus also claims the affected sea areas. Ankara and Athens support their claim by sending warships. Relations between the two NATO members are therefore extremely tense.

On Sunday, the Turkish army also started a military exercise in the north of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Michel became involved in the conflict on Friday. He suggested organizing a “multilateral conference” in which Ankara would participate.

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