Estonian Home Secretary Mart Helme had insulted newly elected US President Joe Biden in a radio interview. After fierce criticism from the Secretary of Defense, he has now resigned – but not without protest.

Estonia’s far-right interior minister Mart Helme has resigned over his insulting remarks about future US President Joe Biden. He will give up his post to ensure the continued existence of the ruling coalition, Helme told journalists on Monday. At the same time, he stressed, “You can’t silence me, nobody can silence me.” Helme had insulted Biden on the radio as a “bastard”, causing outrage among ministerial colleagues.

“I have not done anything that would have endangered Estonia’s security,” Helme said, referring to allegations made by Defense Secretary Juri Luik, who pointed to the country’s reliance on US security guarantees in response to statements by his cabinet member.

“There is no doubt that this choice was falsified”

Helme and his son, Treasury Secretary Martin Helme, spoke on a radio broadcast about the US election on Sunday. Martin Helme was also behind US President Donald Trump’s unproven allegations of electoral fraud. “I think there is no doubt that this choice was falsified,” he said. “If that works and Trump is impeached, the US Constitution will no longer be in effect.”

Mart Helme, using the motive of a typical conspiracy theorist, claimed that a “state within a state” helped Biden win the election. He also accused the Democrat of corruption. Helme and his son lead the right-wing party Ekre, which has ruled Tallinn with the Center Party and the conservative Isamaa party since 2019.

Defense Secretary accuses helmets of compromising security

Liège then said the statements undermined Estonia’s security and threatened to deteriorate relations with the United States. “Given our geopolitical situation, our relationship with the US is of existential importance,” said the Secretary of Defense.

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid also criticized Helmes’s statements. You and Prime Minister Juri Ratas have already congratulated Biden on his election victory.

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