The European Union (EU) has tightened its grip on Turkey in the wake of tensions in the Mediterranean Sea. This decision can be taken at the meeting of European Foreign Ministers on 10 December. German media Deutsche Welle reported this.

Greece and Turkey have been in loggerheads since last August. Mineral oil has been found in a part of the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has sent ships there to see how it can be picked up. But Greece claims that the region belongs to them. As a result, he quickly asked Turkey to divert the ship.
Only once in the last four months has Turkey removed ships from that region of the Mediterranean Sea. But then they ship there again. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the oil extraction trials would continue. Turkey will not follow anyone’s restrictions, as the region does not belong to Greece.
The European Union has been involved in this debate for a long time. Along with Greece, he also requested Turkey to remove the ship. But Turkey did not listen. The European Union tried to bring Greece, Turkey and Cyprus together. But it did not succeed. It is in this context that a meeting was held on Monday between the foreign ministers of various countries of the European Union, where there was a long discussion on the ban on Turkey.
German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss said that Turkey was not behaving without imposing sanctions on them. Foreign Minister will meet again on the 10th, a decision can be taken from here only.
France also wants the European Union to impose sanctions on Turkey. There has been a recent dispute between Turkey and France over the murder of a teacher in France. Since then, France has demanded that Turkey be banned.
If sanctions are imposed, the European Union can stop arms trade with Turkey. Oil and minerals can also be banned.
Erdogan said that on Monday he was ready to sit for a meeting with Greece. However, he claimed that the European Union was blind to the issue. According to him, the EU’s response to the dispute is not promising.

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