After the identification of French President Emmanuel Macron Coronavirus, the leaders of several European countries are going to decide to go for voluntary secession. It is not yet clear how the French president became infected, but he has attended several high-level meetings over the past few days, including the European Summit summit. That is why the leaders of some of the countries in contact with him are deciding to go for secession. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

A statement from the French President’s office, एलिlysée Palace, said on Thursday that Emanuel Macron was killed by Corona. It is said that he will continue to isolate the country for the next seven days. Ellis Palace said everyone close to him has been made aware of the situation.

The French President attended the EU conference in Brussels last week. There Macron contacted the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. At that time, a short distance from him was Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Karz. Other leaders in attendance included Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Speaker of the European Parliament, David Sasoli.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa attended a luncheon with the French President on Wednesday. On Thursday, the Portuguese Prime Minister’s Office announced that it was going into voluntary secession. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez met Macron on 14 December. Spanish media reported on Thursday that their prime minister had already gone into self-isolation for seven days.

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