The European Union wants to start a vaccination program before Christmas. European Union President Ursula von der Leyen hoped that the program would begin on the same day in the 28 countries of the alliance. He expressed such hope in a speech to the European Parliament.

Germany and France, however, first announced the time of vaccination. According to German media Deutsche Welle on Thursday, Europe is preparing to deliver a vaccine made by Pfizer-Bioentech.

The European Union (EU) has not yet approved the vaccine. However, they are expected to approve in a few days. Immunization will begin throughout Europe as soon as clearance is granted.

Ursula said that it plans to launch the vaccine simultaneously in 28 European Union countries. They believe it will be possible to start a vaccination program before Christmas.

Ursula said that the European Union would monitor vaccination in relatively poor countries. However, at the moment, EU countries will be monitored for proper vaccination.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Health Minister met with health officials in each province on Wednesday. There is a discussion about how to start giving Pfizer vaccine as soon as it is cleared.

The German minister said that if all goes well, the vaccination would start from 28 December. Older people will be vaccinated first. Then the health workers will get a chance. The French Prime Minister also said that vaccination would begin in France from the last week of December. Ursula, however, wants to introduce vaccination on the same day in 28 countries of the European Union. If possible, before Christmas. Source: DW

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