At the age of 93, he was stricken with a painful viral illness – concerns for ex-Pope Benedict XVI. was great. He’s better now. His confidant Georg Gänswein provides insights.

Benedict XVI suffered a painful rash on his face. According to his personal secretary Georg Gänswein, things are getting better again. The Archbishop of Curia told the “Südkurier” on Monday: “The disease is diminishing.”

Since last week, the retired Pope has “brought back drugs,” Gänswein told the paper at a cultural event in the Black Forest. Benedikt’s old secretary spent his vacation there.

“Pain I Don’t Wish for My Worst Enemy”

According to Gänswein, the 93-year-old has been suffering from the viral disease since he visited the deathbed of his brother Georg Ratzinger in Regensburg in mid-June. “The pain came after the brother’s death,” Gänswein said of the infection, “which is very painful but does not lead to death.”

The right half of the face is mainly affected by facial dandruff, a form of shingles. “This is pain I don’t wish for for my worst enemy,” said Gänswein. The Vatican had already reported a “painful but not serious illness” last week.

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