Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Former Bundesliga and FIFA referee Thorsten Kinhöfer has criticized the behavior of Bundesliga professionals on the field.

“People are constantly trying to gain an advantage illegally, even though the player clearly knows better. Because it is absolutely clear to him that he was last on the ball. Or that it was not offside, although he immediately complained.” Behind your arm, ‘the 52-year-old wrote in his column for’ Bild am Sonntag ‘.

It was already clear to him, Kinhöfer explained, that getting the most out of it is part of professional football. The mentioned actions “really get on his nerves. Also because I notice that it is increasing. Note: if the ball goes out, for example, both players raise their arms.” One of them lies on purpose.

Kinhöfer also denounced the players “who fall at the slightest touch”. Specifically, he mentioned FC Schalke 04 forward Gonçalo Paciência: “Man, that’s such a head start – and every time you touch him, he sinks to the ground like an ax.” This is even counterproductive as the referees would remember such a thing and are extremely careful when deciding on a penalty for such players.

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