His identity has not been clarified to this day, but a team of experts has now managed to decipher a message from the American serial killer. Fifty years ago, the “Zodiac Killer” put it in a newspaper.

A team of cryptographic experts claims to have successfully deciphered a message from the infamous and unknown American serial killer “Zodiac-Killer”. As the three specialists announced Friday, they cracked down on one of the messages the killer had sent to a local newspaper more than 50 years ago. The “Zodiac Killer” is blamed for at least five murders committed in Northern California in the 1960s – he claims to have killed 37 people himself. His identity is still unknown.

According to the team, the November 1969 message the killer sent to the San Francisco Chronicle contained no clues as to his identity. Rather, it’s bragging.

Decryption took years

According to the “Zodiac-Killer” wrote, among other things: “I hope you have fun trying to catch me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber, because it will take me to paradise all the sooner because now I have enough Let slaves work for me. “

In an earlier post, the encryption of which was easier to break, the infamous killer had used similar statements: “I love to kill because it’s so much fun,” it said. Again he referred to “slaves” that he allegedly gathered to serve him in the afterlife.

The decoder team consists of American web designer David Oranchak, Australian mathematician Sam Blake and Belgian logic expert Jarl Van Eykcke. It took them years of work and the use of various computer programs to decipher the message of numbers and symbols.

The complex code, also known as the “340 digit” because it contains 340 characters, is read diagonally. When the bottom margin is reached, the reader should continue reading in the opposite top corner. According to experts, this type of coding is described, among other things, in a US Army manual from the 1950s.

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