In an accident on the A3, the cargo of a truck partially exploded and several vehicles were on fire. One man died.

In an accident involving burning vehicles and an exploding truckload, a person was fatally injured on Autobahn 3 near Würzburg. The person was not identified on Saturday, police said. She was reportedly in a burning car and died at the scene of the accident near the Würzburg-West motorway.

A transverse truck was also on fire when police arrived and the driver was apparently seriously injured. A helicopter took the equally unidentified man to a hospital, it was said. The truck was loaded with foam cans, some of which exploded and flew into the other lane.

Investigators are now seeking witnesses

A 24-year-old’s car and her passenger of the same age were also involved. You have been taken to a hospital. The severity of her injuries was initially unknown.

After the accident, the A3 remained completely closed in both directions for several hours on Saturday afternoon. “The course of the accident is currently still completely unclear,” said the police report. The detectives are now looking for witnesses.

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