Explosion targets Afghan Vice President in Kabul

A bomb blast near Afghanistan’s capital Kabul killed at least 30 people and injured dozens, officials say. According to Reuters, the bombing occurred in front of the Kabul police station shortly after noon. But the Vice President is unopposed and is able to move out of the region. A spokesperson for Amrilla Saleh’s office confirmed the case.

A spokesman for Amarullah Saleh’s office, Rajan Murad, spoke about this in a Facebook post. He said that again today the enemies of Afghanistan tried to harm Saleh. But they have failed to achieve their nefarious goals. Saleh suffered no casualties in the attack and fled the scene.

Rajvan Murad told Reuters that the attack was on Saleh’s convoy. Although the Vice President was not attacked, some of his bodyguards were injured.

Health Ministry officials said the injured were taken to the hospital.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack. No one has been officially convicted yet.

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