Popular social media Facebook has deleted a post about US President Donald Trump’s coronovirus. In that post, Trump claimed that Kovid-19 was less deadly than the flu. The British media BBC reported this.

Trump returned to the White House on Tuesday after being hospitalized for three days with coronary heart disease. In a post on his return from the hospital, Trump wrote in a Twitter post on Tuesday, हर Every year many people, sometimes with more than a million vaccines, die from the flu. And we will close our country? No, we have learned to live with it, as we have learned to live with Kovid, for most people it is much more than fatal !!! ‘

Facebook has deleted the post. Another social media site Twitter issued a warning in this post. That being said, this post may contain inaccurate and potentially harmful information.

Facebook’s policy communications manager Andy Stone said: “We have removed misinformation about the horrors of Kovid-19 and now this post has been removed.

The actual death in Corona was not known. However, the idea is that this rate will be higher than the available information. According to Johns Hopkins University, the death rate in Corona can be 10 times or more from the flu.

Earlier, Facebook deleted a post by Trump. The post claimed that the children are very resistant to Kavid-19.

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