The last TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden before the election was generally more civilized. Nonetheless, the exchange of blows was full of lies, half-truths, and inaccuracies.

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The debate in Nashville, Tennessee, focused on the corona pandemic, foreign and economic policy, and controversial corporate activities abroad. A look at what Donald Trump and Joe Biden said:

Trump’s Claim: The coronavirus will “disappear” and the pandemic will soon be over.

Review: This contradicts statements by scientists and current developments.

Facts: Scientists such as the American immunologist Anthony Fauci believe that given the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, it is no longer possible to completely eradicate the pathogen. Even if a country manages to temporarily run out of new infections, the virus can spread again. This has been demonstrated, for example, in New Zealand. According to experts, the best hope for controlling the virus lies in an effective vaccine. But even with vaccination, infections are likely to persist for many years to come.

Trump’s prediction also contradicts developments in the US. The number of new infections has recently risen again within 24 hours to almost 63,000 and the trend is rising. In the US, a country of 330 million people, there are already 8.4 million confirmed corona infections, according to data from the University of Johns Hopkins. Nearly 223,000 people died after infection – more than in any other country in the world.

Trump’s Claim: “A vaccine is coming, it’s ready.”

Review: This is wrong.

Facts: The development and testing of vaccines by various companies is in full swing worldwide. The US alone supports six manufacturers. Some funds are in the pivotal testing phase III with tens of thousands of subjects. However, none of the substances has yet been proven to be safe and effective against corona contamination.

Trump’s Claim: I am immune to the coronavirus.

Review: Trump himself limited his statement. However, there is still a lot of confusion about immunity after coronavirus infection.

Facts: Experts believe that people are likely to be immune after a corona infection. How long and how absolute protection exists is still unclear. For example, the Robert Koch Institute writes: “At the moment it is still unclear how regular, robust and durable this immune status will be.” Studies in the journal “Science Immunology” conclude that the body’s immune response lasts for at least three months after a corona infection.

Trump’s Claim: Biden received $ 3.5 million from Russia.

Review: There is no evidence for this.

Facts: Trump’s indictment against Biden is new. A similar charge had previously been leveled towards Biden’s son Hunter. There was no evidence for this either. An investigation by Republicans in the US Senate concluded that the widow of former Moscow mayor Elena Baturina transferred an advisory fee of $ 3.5 million to the bank account of the Rosemont Seneca Thornton company in February 2014. . A report on the investigation said Hunter Biden co-founded the investment company in 2013.

Hunter Biden’s attorney, George Mesires, stated after the publication to American media such as the Washington Post that his client did not own or co-founded stock in the company. The claim that Hunter Biden received $ 3.5 million from Baturina is therefore incorrect. Joe Biden said on Thursday night that he himself had never taken a “cent” from another country.

Trump’s Claim: My Korean policy has saved millions of lives.

Review: There is no basis for the explanation.

Facts: Trump met three times with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to get the country to give up its nuclear weapons program. However, this has not been successful so far. Since a failed summit by Kim and Trump in February 2019, nuclear negotiations with the US in Vietnam have stalled.

Biden’s claim: Trump has a secret account in China.

Review: According to Trump, this is no longer relevant.

Facts: The New York Times reported this week about the existence of a previously unknown report by Trump in China. It does not appear on publicly available lists of Trump’s personal assets, as it goes under the Trump International Hotels Management company name, the paper wrote. The New York Times reporters have received tax documents from Trump and his companies from about two decades and published several articles on them.

Trump said in the TV debate that he closed the bill years ago. At the time, he considered entering the hotel market in China, but decided not to.

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Biden’s claim: Trump’s policies have widened the trade deficit with China.

Review: That is not true.

Facts: The trade deficit decreased in 2019 compared to the previous year. This is likely a direct result of Trump’s trade war with China involving measures such as higher tariffs. In 2018, the deficit was about $ 419 billion from the US perspective, in 2019 only about $ 345 billion, according to US figures. Census Bureau.

In the first eight months of this year, the trade deficit has also decreased compared to the same period last year, which is probably also due to the corona pandemic. A trade deficit is defined as a surplus of imports over exports. Trump started the trade war because he wanted to reduce the trade deficit with China.

Biden’s claim: He never said he was against fracking.

Review: This is wrong.

Facts: In a debate during the March primaries, Biden agreed to a statement by his then-opponent Bernie Sanders, calling for an end to fracking as soon as possible. Shortly after, in the same debate, Biden said, “No more … no new fracking.” His election campaign team later made it clear that Biden meant he wanted to limit new fracking projects for natural gas production.

Meanwhile, Biden makes it clear that he is against a blanket fracking ban. He just doesn’t want to allow new permits for land owned by the federal government. With the clarifications, he also responds to Trump’s repeated claims that Biden is against fracking. Fracking has sparked an oil and gas boom in parts of the United States. The technology was increasingly used during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Biden’s claim: The United States had a good relationship with Hitler before invading Europe.

Review: That is exaggerated.

Facts: When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office as president of the US in 1933, he was mainly involved in fighting the global economic crisis and hesitant to speak about foreign policy. In 1935, Congress also passed a strict neutrality law. In October 1937, however, the president gave up his restraint on foreign policy and in his famous “quarantine speech” called for the isolation of all aggressive states from the international community, which implicitly included the Third Reich. After the outbreak of war in 1939, the US became one of the leading powers in liberating Europe from German occupation.

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