The DSV biathletes were almost fourth in the relay on Saturday. Franziska Preuß had the best chances on the podium in the chase on Sunday, but she failed twice for the shooting.

Franziska Preuß showed a top performance in the biathlon sprint for women on Friday, finished third and secured a podium place. She also decided to reach a top position in the pursuit in Hochfilzen. However, she made two mistakes on the shooting range and at least reached eighth place (+ 1: 13.9) in the top ten. The winner was Marte Olsbu Roeiseland. The second place went to the Belarusian Dsinara Alimbekava (+ 13.9 seconds), while the French Julia Simon (+17.8) came third.

Preuss in the “ARD”: “You have to settle for a top ten place in the World Cup. The second shot irritates me. I couldn’t find the focus anymore.”

Preuss started third behind the Belarusian Dsinara Alimbekava and the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff. The conditions for the first recording were good – Preuss used that and showed a flawless performance. She left the range second behind Alimbekawa.

Fall on the range and recoil on the shooting range

The Belarusian fell on the track when she slipped on an ice shelf. The Czech Markéta Davidová took the lead, Preuss was right behind her. The second shooting took place lying down.

Preuss missed the first shot, the other hits were gone. However, the German had to take the penalty kick due to this setback and the leaders around Alimbekava left. Preuss left the special round in seventh place.

In the meantime, the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roeiseland took over the lead, followed by the Swede Hanna Oeberg and Alimbekava. Preuss had to run to stay in the top ten.

No defects – the platform is within reach again

While standing, she controlled her nerves and made zero mistakes. She came back on track fifth and had another chance on the podium.

On the last shot, Preuss made two mistakes, had to repeat penalties and clearly missed the podium.

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