A 75-year-old rummages on a construction site and causes a head-on crash. There’s a dead man and a helicopter operation on Federal Highway 172.

A motorist accidentally hit the opposite lane on a construction site and was killed in a head-on crash. The 75-year-old was driving his car on Federal Highway 172 near Pirna on Wednesday evening when he misclassified himself at the end of a construction site, police said.

As the news portal TAG24 reports, the accident occurred around 6:20 PM on Wednesday. The 75-year-old drove a red Suzuki Alto and drove on the B172a towards Pirna. At first, the man managed to avoid some oncoming vehicles on the Sachsenbrücke, but the fatal crash occurred shortly before the Copitz exit.

The 47-year-old driver of the other car was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.

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