After a knife attack on two tourists in Dresden with one dead and one wounded, investigators have now caught a suspect. The federal attorney general takes over the case.

After an attack in Dresden with a deceased person, the police have now arrested a suspect. A 20-year-old was arrested in Dresden on Tuesday evening, police and prosecutor said. The man is said to be an Islamist threat from Syria. The authorities assume an Islamically motivated act. That’s why the Attorney General took over the investigation.

The “Mirror” had previously reported. Accordingly, in Germany, the man has been known as an Islamist for years. Apparently, he had spent two years in prison for instructions on a serious act of violence dangerous to the state, the magazine reported.

Motive still unclear

The suspect will be brought to court on Wednesday. According to their own statements, the researchers found the man while evaluating the trail of the attack. The results justified the suspicion.

According to a report in the newspaper “Bild”, these are traces of DNA. They were therefore used on the knife as a murder weapon, which was found by the police after the crime of 4 October at the crime scene in the city center near sights such as the Frauenkirche and the Green Safe. The suspect’s DNA was already stored in the police databases.

Attack in the city center

Due to the results of the investigation, a manhunt was immediately launched, authorities said. The suspect was subsequently discovered in the city center not far from the former crime scene on Tuesday evening and immediately arrested. “My condolences go out to the relatives, who, in addition to the loss, had to learn today that the murders were likely politically motivated,” said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of the new findings. “The act once again shows us the dangers of Islamist violence.”

A 55-year-old was so badly injured in the attack on two tourists that he died in hospital. A 53-year-old survived with serious injuries. The two men came from North Rhine-Westphalia and visited Dresden together. They found passers-by and alerted rescuers. Police have set up a special commission to investigate the crime.

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