Fault with Corona help? More than 100 Austrians receive checks from Trump

The US president has new fans in Austria: countless people in the country unexpectedly received checks worth 1,000 euros from the US government. The reason could be a data breach.

Checks signed by US President Donald Trump to combat the economic fallout from the Corona crisis have now reached a number of Austrians. According to the ORF, more than 100 such checks of 1,200 dollars each (about 1,000 euros) have now been collected from banks. One of the recipients is a pensioner from Linz in Upper Austria who once worked in the US for a short time. At first he thought it was a bad joke, the man described Monday evening in the ORF news program “ZiB2”. The bank had verified the check’s authenticity and a little later he had the money in the account.

The reason for the cash blessing could be a data breach with the US authorities. The US government had sent checks to countless people to help with the coronavirus crisis. U.S. citizens with an annual salary of up to $ 75,000 received checks of $ 1,200, while working couples with a salary of up to $ 150,000 received checks for $ 2,400.

Payments were also made to the deceased accidentally

Falsely payments were also made to more than a million deaths. Apparently, the Treasury and Tax Administration had not compared their data to the social security agency’s deceased reports before the aid checks were sent.

In the case of the Linz retiree, at least a large portion of the money will flow back to the US. When travel restrictions fall again, he will finally go on vacation there again, he announced.

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