The country’s top infectious disease specialist, former adviser to US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon. Anthony Fauchi and FBI chief Christopher Ray have been beheaded. He also spoke in support of the US coalition, but said it was important for Trump to maintain some independence. US media CNBC reported this.

Steve Bannon has been released on 5 million bail in a criminal case. He was arrested on charges of fraud in raising funds to build walls on the Mexican border. The US Department of Justice says Bannon and three others embezzled millions of dollars through the We Build Wall campaign, raising approximately the 2.5 million. The judiciary claims that Bannon spent about 1 million on the fund to cover his personal expenses.

The Trump administration’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has stepped down as executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network, an avid conservative political news outlet. Critics have called Bannon a white nationalist and a right-wing racist. However, he became the closest person to Trump. Trump was forced to remove him after a confrontation with the West Wing of the White House to take action against moderate rebels.

In the War Room podcast, Trump’s former campaign strategists and advisors say that hanging his head on an iron rod is more appropriate than dismissal.

Bannon said Trump’s second term should begin with the dismissal of Ray and Fauchy. No, I really want more. But the President is kind and good man.

“I really want Tudor back in the old days of England,” Bannon said. I will hang their heads on iron rods. Well, I would place their heads in the two corners of the White House as a precaution for central bureaucrats. Either come up with a plan or not.

The related account has been permanently banned since the podcast was published on Twitter on Thursday. YouTube has dropped the podcast.

Podcast co-presenter Jack Maxi said the traitors were hanged 250 years ago. This week was the anniversary of the hanging of two people in Philadelphia. He was killed along with the British during the American Revolution.

Then Bannon said, this is how to win the revolution. Nobody wants to talk about it. The revolution was not a garden party, was it? It was a civil war.

One of her female spokespeople said that Bannon did not really talk about beggars. He clearly brings out the bloody politics of Tudor England. He never called for violence of any kind.

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