The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into the harassment of Trump supporters in a bus attached to the camp camp of US presidential candidate Joe Biden. A spokesperson of the agency confirmed this to the media on Sunday. CNN told the news in a report.

Trump supporters have been accused last week of harassing Joe Biden’s campaign camp bus on a motorcycle in the San Antonio area of ​​Texas. It is alleged that a group of Trump supporters surrounded the bus with several cars. Trump had the 2020 flag in his hands. The FBI announced on Sunday that it was investigating the allegations.

A spokesman for the FBI told CNN: “The FBI is aware of this and the investigation is on.

According to CNN, the harassment of Biden’s publicity camp occurred last Friday. The bus was going to Austin from the San Antonio area in Texas that day. Last day of early voting in that region so that Biden supporters cast their votes; The bus wanted to go to Austin for the expedition. Meanwhile, a group of motorcycle riders carrying Trump’s flag surrounded the bus.

Following that incident, two pre-determined Biden camps in Texas were canceled.

Meanwhile, a record 90 million advance votes have already been cast in the US presidential election. The American Election Project at the University of Florida gave this information. According to a Washington Post report, 91 million people voted in advance. British news agency Reuters says that before the voting on Saturday, the large turnout marked the country’s highest turnout in more than a century.

According to the media, the number of early votes this time is a testimony to the interest of the American people. The number of early votes cast in the United States as of Saturday is approximately 75 percent of the total vote in the 2016 election.

In the United States, many people are physically unable to vote due to fear of losing their jobs due to election day. Some people have trouble voting because to ensure the democratic rights of all such people, they have the opportunity to send ballots by post in that country. Due to the Corona crisis this year, a large number of voters Hope to take that chance

Four years ago, in 2016, in the presidential battle of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, 136 million votes were cast; Experts predict that it will easily cross this time. In the last presidential election, only 48 million votes were cast in advance. This time the number has already crossed 9 crores.

Biden is nearly 10 percent ahead of Trump in the opinion poll. But observers say the possibility of a Republican nominee is not over as the difference between the two rivals is narrowing in unstable states.

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