Munich (dpa) – The boss of a company is not always the best earner.

When it comes to the multi-million euro compensation in professional football, it is comparable to that in show business, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (64) said in an interview with the German news agency when asked what position he fits as chairman of the board of directors in FC Bayern’s salary structure.

“I would say that football is comparable to the Hollywood film world. The head of the studio is not the highest paid person, but the actors,” says Rummenigge, who turns 65 on September 25.

The ex-professional can live with it. “The protagonists sit on the grass with us. By the way, I have always been paid very satisfactorily at Bayern Munich.” He does not disclose the amount of his salary. Munich’s top earners, such as goalscorer Robert Lewandowski or goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, are estimated to have an annual salary of double-digit million. Rummenigge says he doesn’t like talking about money in public. “I am fortunate that football has allowed me to live a privileged life since I was 18,” explains the former Germany international.

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