Munich (dpa) – The latest plan for 2020 is ready. Three games, three wins – with this mini-triple in the Bundesliga, Hansi Flick wants to round off FC Bayern’s super year, which was marked by title wins and the corona crisis, as closely as possible.

The last English week before Christmas is not guaranteed to be a success for the sexy Munich stars. After all, all three opponents – Union Berlin, Wolfsburg and Leverkusen – are in the top 6 of the table.

“We want to finish in the Bundesliga this year, which was a very special year, on a positive note,” Flick said Friday. “We are where we want to be” – namely in the first place. And that’s how it should stay from the point of view of the 55-year-old triple trainer.

Bayern’s last sprint starts on Saturday evening (6.30 pm / Sky) with the top match in Berlin. On May 17, 2020, Munich also played the first ghost match at the Union Stadium after the tough Corona lockdown in the spring. At the time, Flick’s team also traveled as championship leaders, winning 2-0 thanks to Robert Lewandowski and Benjamin Pavard.

Oddly, both were also the goalscorers in the 2-1 first-round win in Munich. Is this small series underway? After his break in the Champions League against Lokomotiv Moscow, Lewandowski is at least “one hundred percent fit for action,” as Flick reported. The Pole could play for Bayern for the 200th time in the Bundesliga in the Alte Försterei. His 174 goals so far on this anniversary are a record in the Bundesliga.

In the now-established fan-less ghost game operation, Flick for the Union game complained about the hostility of the replacement banks as a glitch. “It is true that you can hear a lot on the field – and also from the opponent’s bench. That is not always pleasant.” It is sometimes “a very big challenge” not to respond to the emotions and bickering. Flick didn’t rule out Bayern Bank either. ‘It’s general. I’m not always right either, ”said Flick, who is usually on the phone quietly.

That’s one of the reasons he longs for the fans. “It would be good for all of us if you no longer get one or the other from the other bank. Before that it was a bit quieter outside because the fans drowned everything out.” This outside distraction does not have to be.

On the field, Bayern also wants to have everything under control in Berlin. Flick called on its stars to re-mobilize “all grains”. National defender Niklas Süle sees this as a joint task for the team. “It will be a very tough week for us. Everyone is a bit on the edge. We can only do it together anyway,” said the 25-year-old central defender.

The Berliners enter the strength test with the league primus with a considerable handicap. Because it is the first game without the injured top scorer Max Kruse, who declared Flick a lead player at Union. “For me, Max Kruse was one of the most important transfers for Union. Max is a very intelligent player who knows where the rooms are.” Union is characterized by the fact that the club has many different goalscorers and not only Kruse. With 22 goals – together with Borussia Dortmund – Union has scored the most goals after Bayern (34). “It’s going to be a really intense game,” said Flick.

Like him, national coach Urs Fischer has developed a plan with which he wants to overcome the overwhelming Munich team: “We have to take away their desire for football and involve them in duels.”

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