A day before the game against Bielefeld, Schalke broke up with coach Manuel Baum. With Huub Stevens, a club legend takes over the post. At a press conference, Stevens answered questions from the media.

FC Schalke 04 received the day before the Bundesliga match against Arminia Bielefeld from coach Manuel Baum Cut. For the game on Saturday (3.30 p.m., in the live ticker on Chillreport) and against SSV Ulm in the DFB Cup, Huub Stevens will compete against the troubled Bundesliga club as coach. The club from Gelsenkirchen confirmed this on Friday.

The Dutchman, who will take over the coaching position at Schalke for the fourth time, will answer questions from the media during a press conference with sports director Jochen Schneider from 2 p.m. Chillreport accompanied Stevens’ comeback performance for you in the live ticker.

2:28 pm: the press conference is over

Schalkes Head of Communication Media Marc Siekmann closes the press conference. Now Huub Stevens is going to his first training as the new coach of FC Schalke 04. The “Knurrer von Kerkrade” has announced several individual talks with players afterwards. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to clear his head in these talks, as he hoped, so that Königsblau beats Arminia Bielefeld again tomorrow after 28 games.

Naldo will remain part of the coaching team

Schneider explains that ex-professional Naldo, installed under Baum as an assistant trainer, will continue to be part of the coaching team.

“The zero must be”

Stevens actually says his legendary line, “The zero must be.” Stevens laughs: “So now you have something to write about. But it is clear: the zero has to be to be successful.”

Stevens’ fitness level? “I can still save the hour on the training field”

Stevens is already wearing a tracksuit on stage. Will he also participate in training? “Certainly not”, the Dutchman laughs, “but I can still stand the hour on the training ground.”

Stevens: “I’m on fire”

Stevens is asked about his motivation – and answers in his well-known succinct way: “I’m on fire”. The Dutchman continues: “Believe me: if I take on such a task, I am looking forward to it!”

Schneider: There have been signs of a decision against Baum for months

Schneider talks about the development towards the dismissal of Manuel Baum. “We made the decision tonight, but it was the impression that has arisen in recent weeks and months that things cannot be done well in this constellation.”

Will Schalke keep up the competition? Stevens: “I hope so”

Stevens does not give up on relegation. When asked about it, he replies, “I hope so. We have to stay optimistic and move forward so the guys believe in it.”

Schneider: “I did not offer my resignation”

Schneider is again asked about his own personality. He becomes clearer: “I feel the confidence of the supervisory board. I have not offered my resignation. If the supervisory board does not agree with something, I will go home.” Schneider continues: “In such a situation you don’t run. You don’t run away, you face your responsibility.”

Is Schneider up for discussion? “The pressure is enormous”

When asked about his professional future at Schalke, Schneider took refuge in hollow terms: “The pressure is enormous. But it’s not about me as an individual. It’s about the club, the whole club feels a tremendous pressure.”

Stevens: “The players should have fun again”

Stevens explains how he wants to help the team as quickly as possible. “It’s all about clearing their minds. The boys have to have fun with football again. Of course that also includes success. Three points for example.”

Does Stevens play more than two games? “Let us surprise you”

Stevens is asked whether it will actually only remain in the two games as head coach of Schalke. “Let yourself be surprised”, the Dutchman answers with a smile on his face. Further, “It’s a good thing you didn’t ask my wife this question. She actually had something else planned for me.”

Schneider talks about the search for a coach: “Not finished yet”

Schneider explains that the decision against Manuel Baum was taken late on Friday evening. This is another reason why he cannot propose a new coach for the time after Huub Stevens. “The decision-making process is not over yet. We have to see.”

Stevens is not planning any major changes

Stevens doesn’t want to change much about training. “We pick up where the previous coaching team left off.” Mike Büskens, who was his assistant coach in 2019, will be by his side. “I’m the only veteran I’ll be taking Mike for the next few days.”

Stevens: “Tree was eaten”

Huub Stevens says something. He reports from his conversation with Manuel Baum this morning: “Manuel Baum was visibly pissed off. He was deeply moved by the decision.”

Schneider: Steven’s decision was spontaneous

Schneider explains that Huub Stevens’ decision to take the role of coach for five days was a spontaneous one. “He knows what two very important games await us.”

Sports director Schneider talks about tree-out

Jochen Schneider opens the press conference and first of all thanks the fired coach Manuel Baum. “It was about whether we are convinced that we will score the necessary points, that we will keep the competition. That conviction was no longer there.”

2.00 pm: The press conference begins

Huub Stevens and Jochen Schneider take the stage in the Gelsenkirchen Veltins-Arena. Marc Siekmann, Schalke’s head of communications media, opens the press conference on the resignation of head coach Manuel Baum and the presentation of Stevens’ interim solution.

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