FDB deputy leaves politics after election failure

Six months ago, the liberals in Hamburg faced a failed election. Katja Suding, head of the country, now announces her withdrawal from politics for personal reasons.

More than six months after the failure of the FDP elections in Hamburg, state chairman Katja Suding announced her departure from politics. “For me next year is over,” said the 44-year-old Bundestag member and deputy federal chairman Saturday at the state party conference of the Elbe Liberals. She will not run in the federal election, nor will she run for the state presidency again. She is also no longer available as a deputy federal chair.

No exit from the FDP

This is “not a decision against the FDP, against the regional association or against any person,” Suding said. The decision was made for personal reasons. “It was always clear to me that I was not going to end my professional life with politics.” She wants to keep her Bundestag mandate until the end of the parliamentary term and will remain a member of the FDP.

Suding took over the state chair from Hamburg in 2014. In 2011 she led the liberals back to the parliament of Hamburg. After her election to the Bundestag in 2017, she resigned from her citizenship mandate.

In the state elections in February, the FDP just failed to reach the five percent mark with 4.9 percent. Since then, the Liberals have been represented in the state parliament only by Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein, an individual Member of Parliament, who was given a direct mandate in Blankenese.

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