He was elected Prime Minister in Thuringia by votes from the AfD, causing chaos in the state. Now FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich has announced that he will no longer flee.

Thuringia’s ex-Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) has decided not to run for a top candidate in the state elections scheduled for spring 2021. “After careful consideration, I decided to nominate another person for the best candidate. at a state election proposed on April 25, 2021, “Kemmerich said in an interview with the news magazine” Focus “.

He intends to table the proposal after the dissolution of the state parliament, so far scheduled for February. “I don’t want the election campaign to be overshadowed by disputes about myself,” said Kemmerich. Nevertheless, he wants to run for the state elections and also apply for the state presidency of the liberals.

His election sparked a political earthquake

Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister of Thuringia in early February with votes from the AfD and CDU. The elections triggered a political earthquake and nationwide demonstrations. The group leader of the Thuringian AfD is Björn Höcke, who has been classified as a far-right leader by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Under pressure from the public and his own party, Kemmerich announced his resignation a day after his election, which he carried out a few days later.

Federal Chairman of the FDP, Christian Lindner, welcomed Kemmerich’s decision. “It is right and deserving of respect that Kemmerich is renouncing the highest candidacy for the next state election in Thuringia,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. Lindner stressed, “Factual issues such as the economic recovery should not be overshadowed by the dispute over his person.”

Damage to the FDP

The top management of the FDP had already announced that it would not support Kemmerich in a renewed top candidacy for next year’s state elections. In a joint letter, the 15 other regional leaders of the FDP accused Kemmerich of causing “significant damage” to the party and distanced themselves from him.

In October, Kemmerich wrote, “The mistake was not accepting the elections (…), but how the other democratic parties handled the situation.” FDP Secretary General Volker Wissing went on to describe Kemmerich’s acceptance of the election as head of government as a grave political and personal mistake on behalf of the FDP Presidium.

The red-red-green minority government in Thuringia is aiming for new parliamentary elections on April 25. Before that, the state parliament must be dissolved in February according to previous plans.

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