The federal prosecutor has brought proceedings against the neo-Nazi group “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland”. Suspicious followers are accused of death threats against top politicians.

After terrorist threats at universities, around the NSU monument in Cologne and against top Green politicians, the federal prosecutor is now investigating. According to information from Chillreport, the authority has conducted various proceedings in connection with the so-called “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland”. Apparently, she’s investigating suspicions that the neo-Nazis could be a terrorist group following their words with deeds. A spokesman for the attorney general declined to comment on the investigation.

You love Manson and Breivik

The “nuclear weapons division” is an offshoot of the American terror group of the same name, whose members have already committed five murders in the US. She propagates an end-time National Socialism, “one last battle in ruins”. In imagery and rhetoric she is reminiscent of Islamist terror groups such as IS and al-Qaeda. This also applies to recruitment via the internet: the strategy of autonomous cells is preached. Small groups and individual perpetrators should be encouraged to commit murders and other serious crimes. Mass murderers such as Charles Manson and Anders Breivik are revered.

Stylized propaganda material from the American group’s website: The German offshoot relies on the same aesthetic. (Source: Screenshot: Chillreport)

The radical rhetoric of the “Atomwaffen Division” in the US has been attracting neo-Nazis in Britain, Germany, Russia and Ukraine since 2017. The common ground is extreme anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, a love of the occult and a high degree of internet affinity. Most recently, during the trial of the terrorist attack in Halle, it emerged that the Defendant Stephan B. was in possession of the group’s propaganda material. The Internet neo-Nazi forum “Iron March” was for a long time the origin and the main point of contact for the network.

The data trail led to Thuringia

T-online had a data leak from this forum at the end of 2019 the traces of the only German propaganda video to date prosecuted as a neo-Nazi in Eisenach in Thuringia. Guided from its environment Links to a terrorist group in Britain, which also liaises with the “Atomwaffen Division” in the US.. Immediately after reporting, Eisenacher’s camaraderie was officially dissolved. He himself publicly denied any connection with the “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland”. Most recently, he was arrested along with like-minded people during the Corona demos in Berlin during riots in front of the Russian embassy.

Arrests at the Corona demo in Berlin: in case of a riot in front of the Russian embassy, ​​officials also take a man who was with him Arrests at the Corona Demo in Berlin: In the event of a riot in front of the Russian embassy, ​​officials also take away a man who could be linked to the “Nuclear Weapons Division” video. (Source: Image Images)

The denial could correspond to an internal group instruction: “plausible denial”, “persistent denial” is advice in a program document from the “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland” in case supporters are publicly confronted with their actions. The document is available on Chillreport. It is largely the manifesto of the American group translated into German. Both documents are part of a collection of material that the International Institute for Education, Social and Anti-Semitism Research (IIBSA) has collected about the group.

Leaflets in three federal states

The leaflets distributed via Telegram channels are bursting with violent fantasies and National Socialist symbolism. “Kill Muslims” and “kill Muslims” are on several of them. This makes them very similar to the leaflets repeatedly found in parts of Germany in recent years – first in November 2018 at Humboldt University in Berlin, then at the end of March 2019 at Goethe University in Frankfurt, and then Early June 2019 as part of the commemoration of the NSU Keupstrasse attack in Cologne.

According to information from the prosecutors responsible so far, the federal prosecutor’s office has now taken over at least two of these procedures. The procedure in Berlin is no longer conducted there either. It is not known what the decisive factor was. A year ago, the attorney general had seen no reason to intervene. It is unclear whether the propaganda video is also part of the investigation. Other proceedings relating to the group have not yet been adopted.

Threats and pre-trial detention

The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin continues to investigate unknown persons because of the green politicians Claudia Roth and Cem Özdemir Threatened with death at the end of October 2019. The e-mails sent from the same e-mail address and available for Chillreport are signed with “Atomwaffen Division Deutschland”. The senders can also be freeriders.

A case against a 22-year-old accused of preparing a serious act of violence dangerous to the state is still pending at the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office. The man is said to be the leader of the “Feuerkrieg Division” in Germany. The “Mirror” reported this, citing internal chats. The group is another offshoot of the US “Atomwaffen Division”.

Propaganda material of the Fire War Division propaganda material: Followers spread the hate speech in Telegram channels. (Source: Screenshot: Chillreport)

According to information from Chillreport, the suspect is still in custody. However, investigation of objects found on him by specialists did not reveal violations of the gun law. Investigators are still unwilling to comment on possible references to the “fire war” or “nuclear weapons department.”

International network

The fact that the federal prosecutor has now taken over the investigation at least in some cases can also be traced back to indications from US law enforcement agencies. According to media reports, one of these was received when the US “Atomic Weapons Division” was a former activist of the group. prosecuted to Germany. Another would have prevented a member’s access, according to “Zeit”.

In the US itself, due to strong foreign connections, the question is whether the group will be officially declared a terrorist organization. In a series of threats from the Atomwaffen division, the FBI identified two suspects outside the country. They are referred to as “co-conspirators” in a document from the authority, available at Chillreport.

New names and a message

The pressure from law enforcement authorities is apparently having an effect. Shortly after an arrest in February, the US Atomic Weapons Division announced it would disband. According to scene observers, it is now called the “National Socialist Order”. Also at the “Feuerkrieg Division” there were probably considerations to change the name to avoid prosecution.

However, the “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland” seems to want to stick to the name choice. By July, 18 propaganda images had been distributed via Telegram, according to IIBSA. And an audio message in German and English. It was later removed.

The alleged disbandment in the US “has remained virtually untouched in Germany” and continues to prepare “for the battle to come,” the recording said. She concludes: “We in Germany will remain active – until the very end. Sieg Heil!” Federal prosecutors may also be interested in this now.

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