Where do Germans prefer to emigrate? The US is no longer the first choice when it comes to a new home. The two most popular expatriate destinations are not surprising.

The US is no longer the first choice for Germans looking to emigrate. In the meantime, more people are moving from the United States to Germany than vice versa, the federal statistical office announced in Wiesbaden on Monday.

In 2019, only 9,782 Germans emigrated to the United States. That was 3.6 percent of all German emigrants. This was the first time since 1982 the number fell below 10,000. The US is only in third place after Switzerland and Austria.

In 2019, nearly 20,000 Americans came to Germany

The train is more likely to go the other way: 19,186 Americans moved to Germany in 2019. However, there were 1,087 fewer arrivals than a year earlier.

4,745 adult Germans were naturalized in the US in 2019. Conversely, 1,205 Americans acquired German citizenship – but that was 62 percent more than in 2018.

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