Fewer and fewer Germans without health insurance – the number has almost doubled

Strong increase in those affected: in Germany there are more and more people without health insurance. The Left is now calling on the federal government to be “urgently” concerned about it.

According to a newspaper report, the number of people without health insurance in Germany has risen sharply over the past five years. Last year, 143,000 people did not have health insurance, compared to about 80,000 in 2015, the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” reported in its Friday edition, citing current data from the Federal Bureau of Statistics. This corresponds to an increase of almost 80 percent.

Left-wing socialist Sabine Zimmermann, who had requested the data, appealed to the federal government to “urgently” ensure “that“ everyone has the right to medical care. ”The corona pandemic shows the importance of an intact health system.

Specifically, Zimmermann proposed to immediately set up a fund to finance the treatment of people without health insurance. In addition, voluntarily insured persons such as self-employed persons with a low income should be relieved even more of the premium payments.

The general rule: Anyone living permanently in Germany must have health insurance. As a rule, employees have no problems with this because they are insured directly through the employer. Yet there are people who live without insurance. For example, there are self-employed people with a low income who do without health insurance to save the relatively high premiums.

Those who do not have statutory or private health insurance are not committing an offense, but they should expect high additional contributions once they purchase health insurance again.

Corona pandemic burden on the treasury

Due to the corona crisis, health insurers are confronted with a lower income due to falling premium income due to unemployment or short-time work. On the other hand, additional costs arise, for example by adding more intensive care beds or by taking over the costs for symptom-independent corona tests.

But costs also fell temporarily because operations and treatments were postponed. Therefore, the exact size of the financial gap cannot yet be estimated from cash data.

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