FIFA: Infantino can remain President

Berlin (dpa) – According to FIFA, Gianni Infantino can also serve as president of the World Football Association during the ongoing proceedings of the Swiss prosecutor. FIFA has confirmed this again to news agency AP.

“Nothing prevents the President from doing his job,” FIFA said in a statement. “He will continue to serve within FIFA.”

The public prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal case against Infantino. It is about secret meetings between the head of the World Football Association and the head of the federal prosecutor, Michael Lauber. A prosecutor, who is also present at the meetings, will also be charged.

Infantino is the subject of an investigation, FIFA said. “However, he has not been charged or guilty.” The association also said, “FIFA is confident that the end of ongoing investigations will confirm that the FIFA President has done nothing wrong in fulfilling his fiduciary duties and meeting the Swiss Attorney General.”

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