Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban openly sympathizes with the US president – and falls into conspiracy theories. At the same time, he breaks with EU policy on several points.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has for re-election of US President Donald Trump outspoken and at the same time distanced from the political guidelines of the European Union (EU). He is fighting for a victory for Republican Trump because rival Democrats based their diplomacy on “moral imperialism,” Orban wrote in the Magyar Nemzet newspaper on Monday.

A liberal elite worldwide is trying to destroy the Christian conservatives of Europe. In view of the next parliamentary elections in Hungary in two years, he wrote: “You are preparing for a decisive battle in 2022, supported by the international media, Brussels bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations disguised as civil society organizations,” said Orban. “It’s time we got together too.”

Orban threatens to veto the Corona utility

How the dispute in the EU over the terms of the trillion-dollar Corona reconstruction program ends depends largely on who follows Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, Orban said.

Hungary and its neighbors would put economic efficiency above community policy. As examples he cited “climate goals elevated to absurdity, a social Europe, a common tax law and a multicultural society. Orban has threatened to veto the Corona utility, calling it an “excessive rule”.

Since 2010, he has been Prime Minister of the EU country under fire in Brussels for its judicial and media policy. The European Parliament has criticized alleged violations of the rule of law.

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