Other leaders greeted US President-Elect Joe Biden, but were avoided by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But in the end, he sent a message to Biden on Tuesday. According to Euronews, Erdogan congratulated Biden in a statement.

Erdogan congratulated Biden, according to Turkey’s Department of Communications. He said that a strong cooperative relationship and alliance between Turkey and the US would remain a “significant contribution” to world peace. He hopes the election results will benefit the “friendly and allied” people of the United States.

Addressing Biden, Erdogan said, “I congratulate you for your electoral success and wish the peace and prosperity of the people of the United States.” The challenges we face today at the global and regional level need to be further developed and strengthened based on our interests and values.

The Turkish president said that he had met several times during Biden’s term as vice-president. Turkey-US relations have a strategic nature and a deep foundation. Turkey is committed to working closely with the US administration in the coming days.

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