Democratic candidate Joe Biden is clearly on the verge of winning this year’s US presidential election. But the Republican nominee has challenged President Donald Trump’s vote count in four major states. The Trump camp has taken court asylum on this issue. What could happen in the end? Will the court decide the American election this time?

Trump has been accused of rigging the vote without any evidence. The Trump camp has resorted to court in the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan to block the vote count. The UK news agency BBC spoke to legal experts about the results.

Should the result not be known yet?

More than 24 hours have passed since the election. What result should we not know yet? The answer is a resounding yes or no.

Usually when a candidate emerges as the winner as a result of various states, the American media also starts promoting it. A candidate with 270 or more electoral votes is declared President. Voting is usually announced the next morning.

The announcement made by the media is not an official or final announcement. They only present their estimates on election results based on actual data. It usually takes a few days for the official results to be released.

A record 100 million advance votes were awarded in United States history. Due to the large number of postal votes, naturally they will take extra time to count when they arrive by post.

In some swing states, postal votes were not counted before the November 3 main election. As a result, they will take extra time to complete the entire counting process.

Matthew Weil, director of the election project at the Bipartisan Policy Research Center. According to him, if the competition between the two candidates is very close and no one accepts the rate, the counting of votes will continue. This is normal. In that case there may be a delay in choosing the winning candidate.

Threat before vote

Prior to the November 3 vote, more than 300 lawsuits were filed in postal and early voting in 44 states. In these cases, which were originally filed on behalf of the Trump camp, the time frame for posting and receiving the ballots as well as the need for witness signatures were questioned.

Republican-controlled states say sanctions were needed to prevent voter fraud. However, Democrats allege that Republicans are actually trying to prevent Americans from exercising their civil rights.

As challenging as the Trump camp was


Trump Camp says it has requested a shortage of votes in Wisconsin based on an “abnormality” in the vote count. However, according to his claim, it is not yet clear whether a recurrence will occur. However, county officials typically do not vote before conducting a review. The deadline for counting of votes in this state is 18 November.

Richard Breft, a professor at Columbia University Law School, said he was recruited in Wisconsin in 2016. Nevertheless, about a hundred votes were changed.

Professor Richard Brift said, ount is not the way to challenge the validity of a recount vote. Rather, it is a literal way of ensuring that the vote count is correct. “


Trump won the 2016 election in Michigan by just 10,600 votes. This time, the next day after the election, on November 4, the Trump camp announced a case to stop counting votes. However, by then 98 percent of the votes have been counted. Meanwhile, Biden is on the verge of victory.

Even when the Trump camp announced the case, thousands of votes were not counted. A large proportion of these votes came from Democrat-dominated areas. In other words, once the remaining votes are counted, they should be added to Biden’s basket.


The focus of the Trump camp is primarily on postal vote counting. The state government has decided to count these votes for three days. The Trump camp has challenged that decision and taken court.


Trump Camp has filed a lawsuit to stop vote count in Chatham County, Georgia. Their complaint is that absentee voters have problems with ballots.

Georgia Republican President David Shaffer tweeted that his party’s observers saw a woman mixing more than 50 ballots with absentee ballots. As a result, there is no chance of counting those votes.

How many days of uncertainty?

Since it is the office of the President, there is a constitutional time limit to reach a solution by removing uncertainty or obstacles in this regard.

The states have about five weeks from November 3 to determine which candidate wins the presidential election. This is called the ‘Safe Harbor’ deadline. This year the deadline is 6 December.

If states are not able to make decisions within the stipulated time frame, the president will be elected through the Electoral College instead of the popular vote.

The Senate will elect a Vice President and the House of Representatives will elect a President. State representatives in the House of Representatives have the opportunity to vote one by one. To be elected president, the support of 28 delegates would have to be ensured. Whatever it may be; The term of the new president should begin by January 20.

“We are to be sworn in as our president on the afternoon of January 20,” said Matthew Weal, director of the election project at the Bipartisan Policy Research Center.

Matthew Weil said that it is possible that the Senate could finalize a man on the White House seat as Vice President amid uncertainty.

He said that if the House of Representatives fails to elect a Speaker, the Vice-President elected by the Senate will elect the President. If for some reason the Vice President cannot be elected, the Speaker of the House of Representatives will be in charge of the running of the country. The incumbent president is a top leader of the Democratic Party of Nancy Pelosi Biden.

There is not much evidence of the Supreme Court interfering in the final election results. However, the campaign teams of both the parties have informed that they have started preparing for a legal battle after the election. Both parties have formed a large team of lawyers to fight the legal challenge of counting votes. These legal challenges may eventually reach the Supreme Court, America’s highest legal authority. This happened in the 2000 election. The Republican candidate at the time was George W. Bush and the Democrat candidate was Al Gore. In Florida, Bush was declared the winner after the Supreme Court declined his request. But only time will tell what happens in the end.

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