Six coffins buried two and a half thousand years ago are kept in an ancient cemetery in Egypt. A coffin made of stone has been found inside a newly discovered well in the Sakkara region, south of the capital Cairo. Officials say 13 coffins were picked up earlier this month. 14 more coffins have since been lifted from the ground.

Archaeologists say that such a large number of coffins in Egypt may have never been dug before.

Photographs of the published coffins show that they are made of wood. They are painted with different colors. There are many small mummies with them.

The abyss was buried in this sugar mausoleum for three thousand years. The region is a World Heritage Site which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

A statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Archeology said on Saturday that “preliminary research has shown that the coffins were completely closed and never opened after burial.”

The statement said that Archaeological Minister Khalid al-Anani delayed the discovery of demonetisation. After inspecting the cemetery itself, the newly discovered coffins are officially announced.

Archaeologists descended into a 36-foot deep well and brought the coffins up. Officials said the task was not easy for them.

Excavations at Sakkara Cemetery are still on. Experts are trying to gather more information about these coffins.

Officers are now working to unravel the mysteries surrounding the coffins, why they were never opened when they were buried.

The ministry said it expected the coffins to be unveiled at a press conference in the future.

Apart from these coffins, other archeological artifacts recovered from the well are also beautifully designed and painted.

Earlier, in November 2016, archaeologists found several mummified animals at the Step Pyramid in Sakkara. These animals include cats, crocodiles, cobras, snakes and birds.

This is the location of Sakara. 30 kilometers south of the capital Cairo. The people of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, used the area as their cemetery.

Egypt has recently focused on finding such antiques to boost the tourism industry. Source: BBC

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